31/01/2022 New Image for CHARGING AHEAD TO THE FUTURE

As more motorists turn to electric or hybrid vehicles, so we are increasing our commitment to rolling out rapid chargers at our key sites.

We have already installed 40 at 18 of our shopping parade/centres across the country.

By May 2022, we aim to install more than 250 charging stations in 75 of our larger retail parades and centres.

These will include four InstaVolt rapid chargers at our flagship Pensnett Estate, where our headquarters is based, two opposite the Beefeater pub and the final two by KFC, subject to the grid application.

As well as InstaVolt charging stations, we have also agreed to install approximately 154 dynamic Osprey charging stations.

The beauty of dynamic stations is that the chargers redistribute the power based on the requirements of each car that is plugged in.

This faster charge also takes into account the remaining charge left in a vehicle, so it wastes less energy and enables drivers to get back on the road in just a few minutes.

We continue to review our retail assets to see which would benefit from these rapid chargers and look forward to introducing them for the benefit of our tenants, their customers and their local community.