LCP Are Pleased To Acknowledge Successful Introductions

We build relationships with property agents and regularly attend industry events, including Completely Retail, Wet Wednesdays and the IAS Summer BBQ.  For more information contact us on

We are happy to work with Property Agents to find a solution to their clients' needs within our portfolio, and we are pleased to acknowledge successful introductions on the usual standard industry terms.  

If you have clients that require specific buildings or would like to view any of our properties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will be delighted to discuss requirements in detail and will show you around any units that may be of interest.  

Please email your introductions to and we will check our database of enquiries and send an email acknowledgement accordingly.

Don't forget to include your details and, for the introduction, a contact/company name, address, telephone number/email address, and size and location requirement.